The Design Detective

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Greetings, curious minds!Step into my realm where design is not just a canvas, but a captivating mystery waiting to be unraveled. I am your artistic sleuth, your visual enigma – The Design Detective.

Case Files

Unveiling the Suspect

Much like peeling back layers of an intricate mystery, I invite you to delve into my design process. With a magnifying eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, I weave together colors, typography, and imagery to create designs that are as captivating as a suspenseful plot twist.


Case Analysis & Clue Gathering

Just as a detective meticulously studies a case, I begin by immersing myself in your design challenge. I gather every clue, from your brand's essence to your target audience's desires. Every detail is a potential piece of the puzzle. With a magnifying glass on trends and a notepad filled with inspiration, I delve into the depths of your design mystery. This phase sets the stage for an investigation into the visual elements that will captivate and engage your audience.

Case Files02.

Creative Interrogation & Concept Development

Armed with a plethora of clues, I interrogate my creative instincts. I brainstorm, sketch, and craft ideas that align with your brand's narrative. Just as a detective forms theories, I develop design concepts that hold the potential to crack the case wide open. The concepts are like suspects, each with its unique charm and potential to tell your brand's story. I sift through these options, refining and reshaping until the design solution emerges as the ultimate suspect. This phase brings us closer to the big reveal—a design that's not just captivating, but also strategically aligned with your goals.

The Design Detective

My Canvas of Cases

Explore my gallery, a collection of visual conundrums and design riddles that traverse the landscapes of creativity. From mysterious brand identities that emerge from the shadows to website designs that entice like whispered secrets, each piece holds a chapter of its own in the grand narrative of design.

The Design Detective

Contact The Detective

$2500 / Month

Reach out to The Design Detective, and let's collaborate to craft designs that leave an indelible mark on the canvas of your brand.

  • Unlimited cases (orders)

  • Unlimited pursuits (revisions)

  • Handover within 24-48 hours

  • Your own cork board (Trello)


Not ready for full commitment yet?

What I do in set rate pricing

All packages include optional

◽ Research:
◾ Competitor Research
◾ Market Research
◾ Trend Analysis
◾ Keyword Research
◽ Strategy:
◾ Branding Strategy
◾ Content Strategy
◾ Campaign Strategy
◾ Social Media Strategy

Brand Design


Just starting out? I'll design a brand tailored to your needs... Or maybe your brand is outdated or not geared toward your desired target audience, I'll solve that.



I'll design a new logo for your brand or redesign a new one. With the right research and information, I can make your brand stand out or fit in, if needed.

Limited Social Media Posts

(Message for pricing)

If you don't want the unlimited subscription, the limited may be right for your budget. The pricing will range depending on how many posts you'd like.

Packaging Design


You provide the dieline (if you have one) and I'll design the package, big or small. You get the final package on a clean, professional mockup with along the social post graphics.